Do this Early Morning to Lose Weight Healthily

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Body metabolic rate (fat burning process) is the most crucial in weight reduction. According to the studies conducted by The University College London, some habits can be put under control. The doctors are advised to take proper care in the morning and take some food.

Morning to do things

1. To get a glass of warm water, take a glass of empty stomach. This leads to malnutrition in the body and helps to lower body fat.
2. Metabolism rate improves due to the presence of sun every 15 to 20 minutes every morning. Resulting in weight loss.

3. Walking or exercising for 30 minutes every morning is a major fat burn in the body.
4. Drink a glass of lemon juice after exercise. This will improve the digestive system.
5. Take green tea or herbal teas instead of taking tea in the morning. These antioxidants speed up the fat burning process.
6. In the morning the stress will decrease by meditation

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